We would like take an opportunity to introduce our pharmaceuticals services at Help Pharma Solution.

Services Synopsis

  • GMP & WHO-GMP Documentation consulting
  • Plant Setup
  • Dossier Preparation (CTD/ACTD)
  • Provide BE Studies and Clinical Trial Studies
  • DMF Preparation
  • Internal Audit
  • Quality Assurance & Personnel Training
  • Regulatory Services and Training
  • Third Party Vendor Audit
  • Embassy Legalization

Pharmaceutical Measures

  • GMP and WHO GMP compliance
  • Customized Plant Set up
  • External GMP Audit
  • Regulatory Affairs Directive
  • Formulation and Development
  • Licensing with local FDA, DCGI etc.

Regulatory Services

  • Dossier Preparation (CTD/ACTD)
  • Regulatory Query Response
  • Method Validation for Finished Product
  • DMF
  • Stability Studies
  • BA/BE studies complying with WHO and EMEA
  • Guideline from DCGI approved BE centers
  • Evaluation of regulatory requirements for BE studies
  • Clinical Trial (CT Reports)
  • Acute,Sub-acute and Chronic Toxicity studies

Quality Assurance

  • SOP Development
  • DQ, IQ ,OQ, PQ solution
  • Vendor Audit
  • Area classification
  • Method Validation, Cleaning Validation,
  • Process Validation
  • External Lab Services

Training Programs

  • Class Room Training
  • GMP Training
  • Validation concept like Clinical Validation,
    Process Validation, Method Validation
  • SOP Training

Job Recruitment's

We believe hiring to be the most important first
step towards the organization’s success and therefore
we provide filtered recruitment solution for
pharmaceutical companies.

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